Profile of Metanoia Board Member: Olivia Benavidez

Meet Olivia Benavidez, a cofounder of Metanoia Missions & Ministries!

Olivia was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved to Florida when she was eight-years-old. She attended the  University of Central Florida, having moved to College Station, TX when she married her soulmate, Zach two years ago. Olivia and Zach currently live in Florida. A fun fact is they live full-time in their RV.  They enjoy attending missions together, serving others as Jesus has called us too.. 

Olivia says her favorite Bible verse is Romans 8:28: 

“God works all things together for good,” said Olivia. This is her favorite Bible verse because it reminds her that although our God doesn’t cast bad things upon us, He will use all things that happen for good. Even if sometimes that isn’t her good in the short term.  

She was drawn to missions by a stirring in her heart for the Great Commission. This is her “why” for jumping at the chance to start a missions company with the other cofounders. “I want to help broaden the scope of impact that Metanoia has on the nations and on the people we work alongside. Every person on the board has a different perspective and talent that they bring to the table, and I love being a part of something bigger than myself with the opportunity to build God’s Kingdom,” she said. Her favorite place to serve and lead missions has been with the Jamaican Deaf Village in Mandeville, Jamaica. 

“A big turning point that God changed my life through on missions is in our woman’s devotional night in Jamaica in 2022. It was like looking through crystal clear spring waters watching the Holy Spirit work through the testimonies and stories of the women in our group. The prayers and healing I witnessed on that trip because of the vulnerability the women had was incredible. I praise Jesus for that night. His Spirit was so present and healing,” said Olivia.

Olivia’s relationship with Jesus is summed up in two words: faith and obedience. She notes how it means never being alone even in the darkest valleys, and also being the most accountable for her actions and the grace she gives to others and herself. 

Olivia added, “Leading missions has deepened my faith in many ways. One of the most impactful ways has been watching God’s faithfulness in those who have fundraised and how the dependence on Him financially provides for their mission experience.” 

Olivia has attended or led short-term missions and service projects in Jamaica, Mexico, Ecuador, and the Philippines.

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