"Do not ask God to guide your footsteps if you are not willing to move your feet."

- Sean Patrick Flanery

A Higher Calling

As Christians, we are called to love, serve others, and make disciples. We realize you don’t have to travel overseas or to another country to be missional and serve others. Your mission field is wherever you find yourself.

At Metanoia, we look at mission experiences as a means to grow your faith, gain new perspectives, and see life through the eyes of others.

Serving others allows us to examine our own hearts which can lead to healing, humility, and holiness.

We believe God has a higher calling for all of us which is the difference between selfish and selfless. A mission experience is one way to work on ourselves while working with and for others.

Beyond The Walls

To be a Christ-follower means living for Jesus beyond the church walls. The pain and poverty of this world is all around us.

We believe mission experiences also help us get beyond the walls we’ve put in place around our hearts and the ones between people groups and cultures. These walls can keep us from experiencing what God has purposed us for, keep us from allowing others to join us in community, and hold us back from developing a greater faith.

We invite you to tear down your walls and see what’s on the other side! Mission experiences with Metanoia allow you to step out of your comfort zone and into a deeper relationship with God.

Missions: Serve the world. See the world. Join a short-term team for long-term impact.

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