Meet the Team

Trey Campbell  

For nearly 25 years, Trey has worked with Southwestern Advantage, one of the world’s premiere sales organizations where he serves as Vice President of Communications & Government Relations. He has trained over 40,000 young people in ethics, integrity, leadership, sales, business, and faith. 

His career is one of his passions, as it has become his primary mission field. It has him listening, teaching, mentoring, leading, and problem-solving. Other passions include encouraging, empowering, and investing in others spiritually while sharing his heart for serving others.   

Trey is an author with three published books focused on Christian leadership and legacy. He has attended, set up, and led over 30 mission trips and service projects in Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Sierra Leone, and Haiti. From short-term experiences with groups of 8 to 12 to long-term community projects with over 400 participants.

Sara Mercier

From Nashville, TN, Sara has worked with Southwestern Advantage for 12 years, starting as an intern in the sales & leadership program for 5 years before transitioning into the corporate headquarters. She currently leads a team of professionals and is responsible for all administrative duties and event planning.

She has attended and organized 12 service projects and short-term mission experiences in Nicaragua, Jamaica, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, as well as serving her local community. Sara has a passion for serving and exploring the world.

Jonathan “Jon” Key

From Nashville, TN, Jon has worked in the Film and Entertainment Industry for over 14 years. He has worked as head of his department for over 5 years. From his experience working on sets with A-list Music Videos, National Commercial Ads as well as Feature Films and TV Shows, he has become proficient with working in all types of situations and with all types of people. Critical thinking along with time management, team work, and team building has become a major part of his job description. 

Jon has a passion for helping people both domestic and international. He is dedicated to not only serving his local community but also serving through short-term international experiences. Jon strongly believes in serving in the same communities through prolonged projects and building meaningful long-term relationships with those people.

From a young age, Jon developed a passion for learning sign language and developed friendships within the deaf community of his local church. He was naturally drawn to serve with the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf in Jamaica. Jon has also served on international experiences in Romania and Nicaragua. Along with over 10 trips domestically to regions across the United States including New Orleans, Tulsa, New York, Baltimore, St. Louis, Memphis, Houston, Panama City, and many more.

Elizabeth Mendoza

Having a passion for traveling, she has served in two mission experiences in Nicaragua as well as three service projects in Mexico. She enjoys using her fluency in Spanish to connect with locals, translate for others, and cultivate an uplifting atmosphere. During her time as an undergraduate at New Mexico State University, where she pursued a degree in Biology, she organized many volunteer and fundraising events. Her mission is to use her passion for personal, spiritual, and physical development to help others become the best version of themselves while getting closer to God. 

At her current job with Southwestern Advantage, she continues to encourage, support, and inspire college students to grow in their faith no matter what stage in life they are in. She is also a life mentor for teenagers and young adults through the LEAD program and a member of her church’s kids ministry.

Kyle Schiel

Originally from Michigan, he grew up on the family farm and attended Michigan State University. He is currently residing in Nashville, TN where he works for Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy equipment.

Kyle has always prioritized family and helping others, something his grandma instilled in him at a young age. Kyle began his professional career working with Southwestern Advantage and has over 5 years of leadership experience helping train and mentor his peers. He recently transitioned to a more technical role with his current employer.

While in college, Kyle worked with an on-campus organization; he assisted in planning trips where students traveled to 8 different cities in the U.S. and set up volunteer events for those communities. While working with Southwestern Advantage, he attended 4 service projects in Mexico. Most recently, he served on 2 mission experiences in Nicaragua, which allowed the team to serve a community already on the rise with a variety of projects. 

The relationships formed and friendships made have all been great, but among his favorites of these experiences are the continuous growth in faith and the camaraderie built from that.

Madison Campbell 

Madison, from Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, has served on mission experiences since a sophomore in high school. She’s met inspiring people while combining two of her favorite things — traveling and pouring into others. 

She enjoys learning about and experiencing new cultures and languages and delights in exchanging stories with people she meets about how Jesus has made an impact in their lives. She is very grateful that she gets to learn from others through their journeys. She has served on missions in Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Mexico. Her many travels have taken her all over the US, and to Europe, Africa, and Central and South America.

Madison is active in her church and can be found singing on the worship team, investing in her women’s Bible study, or co-leading a small group. She’s passionate about her faith and excited to see people surrender their life to the Lord.

Olivia Batshon Benavidez

For nearly 8 years, Olivia has worked with Southwestern Advantage, leading and serving hundreds of students as a Field Sales Leader. She has trained over 150 young people on how to run a business and develop the character and skills they need to achieve their goals in life.

She is passionate about helping others, and it shows through the care she takes in investing in them. Olivia loves traveling to lead mission experiences and equally loves the travel adventure she enjoys with her husband, Zach.   

Olivia has led multiple mission experiences to the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf and has served over 2,500 families with educational products and faith-based products.